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Molly Maloni. by jack8642
Molly Maloni.
“I’m NOT wearing this pathetic grandma Addams’s funeral dress to shout out I’m a bat shitting, candy sucking goth lolita, but to make it clear that I can still Beat your sorry ass into a pile of pain and guts whenever I see you’re acting like a dick bag. so think twice before calling me a ‘cyclops Tim burton freak’ or say anything about Addams Family. especially the one with starring Tim curry. .....and this fashion is not Gothic. It's VICTORIAN!”

remember the 'Don't call me Cyclops' girl? this is it. that's the girl, Molly Maloni. she is 
 the main character of a sarcastic black comedy series i’ve been writing for fun. 

PS: well, that's her default expression. but sometimes, she makes some exceptions like the one in the following link. Behold! not only the teeth and claws some beasts has, but..... (…)
I see dead peoples....sort of. by jack8642
I see dead peoples....sort of.
HA! you guys might never expected to see an Idol Master Cinderella Girls fan art from me.
I'm gonna drop this Shirasaka Koume fan art just right here, because I'm an corky arsehole who would like to mangle with everything I like and love.

ps: i've never played the game though.
wip - call me Cyclops, and that will be your end. by jack8642
wip - call me Cyclops, and that will be your end.
"call me Cyclops, and that will be your end"
a character design of a black humor web comic series project i've wrote last summer.
still working on editing section, so stay tuned!
Three Witches : Iron John, the Army of Providence by jack8642
Three Witches : Iron John, the Army of Providence
 Another groups of original character from the same universe where Esmeralda the Gypsy(…) lives.
'the Missionaries of Evolution and Progress' to the Peoples of Motherlands, 'the Messengers of Death and Destruction to the natives and pre-colonized lands.

as the Army of United Kingdom of 'Great Providence' and 7 Colonies, Iron John(Iron Jonsies, when they are more than two men) is most powerful and dangerous force in the battle field.
they are armed with 'Conviction' the Girandoni style Rifle, 'Faith' the naval cutlass, 'Truth' the *electric lantern (*you can also raise some fire or burn someone's eyes with this stuff). 
dressed in high *fire & water proof military suit (*no washing machine friendly, sadly.), and most terribly, filled with false belief and savage-like Patriotic mind.
and as other soldiers in real history, they got many nick names. In the Southern Africa, the Native Zulu people in 'Untouched grounds' call them 'Umuntubi(the bad ones)',
 the Arabic Revolutionaries in 'Marakashi' Peninsula call them 'Qursan(Pirates)', the Native Ba'nyahachii Indians in 'New Providence' Colony(Boston) call them 'Rokhu-Hokhu(Grey Locust, as the packs of Locust eat everything, leaves nothing,and cannot be stopped by human will)' or sometimes 'Yosemite'(Murderers) and the Marooners in Ivory Coast calls them 'Ima-Khoro' (the Clicking men, as Iron jonsies shoot Whatever moving and never stop until their ammo capacity hits the bottom). 
 but unlike some of those nicknames suggesting if they are Automatons, they are not robots. they are human beings. just more vicious, foolish, blind, and disgusting. 
Magpie Maggie, through the eyes of my Big sis by jack8642
Magpie Maggie, through the eyes of my Big sis
(well, actually it's been a while, but late is better than nothing)
hey, Do you remember this Cockney gangster lady? (…) and the fact that i have a badass big sister who is so much badass so she can knock out an amateur boxer in three punches(it's exaggerated but she is really good at boxing), and also a really good painter who finished the whole courses in AAU?
 Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce my Big sister Suji Moon and her arrangement of my original Character, Magpie Maggie.

 she has an art twitter. ( so don't be shy to follow her, or stalk her. 


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South Korea

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Wow, I'm in love with your art
thunderfoxjt Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
just dropped by your DA page after finding your pics of the crystal gems and adelita sanchez twins, love'em. Sure would love to see more, hope we could talk sometime.
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I really adore your works! Looking forward to see more  of them :)
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majohnson9191 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
Will you be working on any comics or anything? You have such a beautiful art style and I would love to see something of a comic come from you c:
jack8642 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the Comment! and Yes. I'm currently working on some web comic series Projects. :)
Some Concept arts for the project entitled "the butchers of st. saens streets" has been posted on my gallery, and still even more drawings are waiting for their turns. :) if you want to check some more, you can always visit my tumblr page. find me at the Skelly Jack's!
Have a nice day~
majohnson9191 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
AW! THAT'S AWESOME! When you make the first page, please tell me ^3^
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